Music on the Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is home to many fine musicians and SPUKES has been lucky to play with some of them.

Paul Dillon is a SPUKES regular, we’ve sung with Kieran O’Connell at McDaids, recorded with The Warrains, shared the concert stage with the Green Fieldz duo (Sally Carter and Keith Rea ) as well as the fabulous band SugaTree led by Yanni Dellaportas (with Natalie Parker and Ryan Pentland). Yanni also seems to be at every event we attend, with his camera and recording gear.

First Meeting

Karen and I had a conversation with Chris Swayn of the Warrains during lockdown. An excerpt of that was in our October Show and for those of you who are interested, here is the full interview. We first met Chris at the Australia Day celebrations in 2018 when he said he had a song he’d written that needed a uke group to help record. Listen to the story in the conversation.

The Music

Here is some of the music that we talk about with Chris – his songs ‘Two’, ‘To The Sea’ , finale of our Concert for the Hub, ‘We Will Rock You’.and a glimpse of recording session backing vocals for ‘To The Sea’.