Thank you for the encouraging messages about “Here Comes Johnny B Goode”. We thought we would revisit “Galway Girl” and see what happens.

The American singer/songwriter Steve Earle wrote this over 20 years ago . It’s been enthusiastically adopted by the Celtic Nation, and is now played all over the world.

In the second part of the video we play the song again, but in the key of D.


We set ourselves a goal of thinking up a song to do, making a plan, setting the camera and performing it inside the hour. We had to cut corners to do that, and the first corner that got cut was the run through before recording. That’s why Karen struggled with the Bm chord.

Looking at the finished video we imagine that this is what you see from your seats during a normal Saturday afternoon session .

We hope you’re keeping safe and like Galway Girl,- there’s more in the pipeline