Here comes Johnny B Goode

Last Saturday we should have had one of our sessions at the Rosebud Memorial Hall. That meant we have missed a whole month of ‘Ukulele’ as everyone seems to call it now.

A week ago a suggestion was made that we put something ‘on line’, and since then we’ve had messages, phone calls, and emails with the same theme “ Hope you are both well and when are the SPUKES videos coming”.

Grab your uke and get your Rock n Roll book out.

We’ve cobbled together a home studio and had a try of making a video. The sound and vision are far from perfect, but we’ve got this far by flying with the seat of our pants , so another couple of weeks shouldn’t faze us all.

We used an iPad taped to a microphone stand, hung a chromakey green screen behind which magically turned into a brick wall.

This is just a sample of what’s coming .