Confined to Barracks

It looks like we will all be confined to barracks for some time.

We’ve been asked to make some videos for our members, and have started getting phone calls and messages asking when the first video will be ready.

Here it is!

My Life Story

Karen was preoccupied last week with what was happening at school, so I set up in the garage to kick things off. The results were predictably poor.  I should be able to make one of those blooper videos though, so all is not lost.  I’ve been relocated to the music room and am hoping to get better results there. I did an audition in front of Karen last night and got a pass.  She’s busy setting up the lighting now, so that’s the second job I’ve lost today (the first was putting Cabot’s oil on the deck). If the lockdown continues I might just write my life story “The secret to avoiding the hard jobs?  – being willing but not able”.

When I was taking a break from knocking things over and tripping over the cables I managed to cobble together a montage of photos I’ve collected over the past few years.  Most are from our performances, so members who come to sessions and not to the public events miss out this time.

What’s Next ?

I am happy to do another montage, so if you have some photos that you think will be of interest please let me know.

I hope you enjoy the video as it brings back some happy memories of your time spent at the Rosebud Memorial Hall, Kite Fest, Rockfest, Australia Day and other events we’ve been involved with.

The next video should not be too far away.  I’ve been lowering the bar every day for the past week. Today I just dropped it on the floor. As long as I don’t trip over it and end up in hospital you will have video number 2.   It won’t be the same as playing with my wonderful friends of course  but I’ll be thinking of you all when I’m strumming away.