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Hi Andrew . If you are a novice I would suggest you go to a local music store and try out a few ukuleles. You can get a reasonable instrument for between $100 and $200. Obviously these are Asian made, but generally are good quality. We have Kala and Lanakai ukuleles which are good value for money. I have a soprano ukulele made by Dave Aumann in Heathmont Vic tel (03) 8711 4421. He’s been making instruments for quite a while now. Finish craftsmaship etc is top quality. I also have a Dove Concert Ukulele made by Chris Dovey from Rosebud 0418 769 598. Chris started making instruments when he retired 3 or 4 years ago. He has just made a tenor guitar for me based on a Martin Template I found on line. it’s a very good instrument (4 strings tune like a baritone ukulele tuned DGBE) . I intend to fit ‘proper’ tenor guitar strings (tuned CGDA) when i can find some suitable ones. There’s also a luthier in Mornington called Joe Brady. He sells his ones through Nepean Music Mornington. I’ve seen them on sale for $1,000 plus. with Dave and Chris I think they do it for the love of it. Many hours are spent in the making, and they use rare and exotic timbers . Ebony,Blackwood Mahogany Rosewood etc etc. I paid $500 for my soprano (got a great discount) about 6 years ago. I paid around $650 for my concert ukulele. That one’s made from 100 year old solid mahogany with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. Hope all this helps. kind regards Alan Blyth