A Celtic theme

I took the “Monday ukulele players” group up to the Main Ridge Petanque Club on Friday 16th March to provide pre-dinner entertainment. Being St Patrick’s eve the theme was Celtic of course.

We played two half-hour sets and were very well received by the Petanque players and their partners. The mixture of happy Uke numbers, along with our selection of lively Irish songs, created a great atmosphere and was a terrific way to kick off the evening.

Great hats, great music

Hats are always popular with ukulele aficionados, and St Patrick’s Day allows a bit of extra scope. There were big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. Best hat award goes to Chris Dovey with his king size topper. My own excellent and handsome hand crafted top hat had to be disqualified due to defective paintwork, otherwise I would have awarded the prize to myself!

The extra Monday sessions are starting to show up in the much improved singing and playing I am now hearing. My private rating of the Monday group had moved from “OK” to “Pretty Good” and on to “Good” over the past few months.
After the Friday night performance I will now say the group can certainly knock out a mighty fine tune!

Just remember the Monday Mayhem sessions are open to everyone. However, we do work on more challenging songs.

Hope to see you all on Saturday for our last session in March.